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Mobile Pickleball

Pickleball Equipment is located court-side.  Please contact the Enrichment Center for the lock combination or with any questions at (239) 949-3800


(If you have previously registered for Pickleball Reservations “go directly to the reservation website:  or via the TCC website @: )

If you are new and have not registered, please follow these steps:

Step One
- Verify you are a Brook’s Resident by obtaining a “Club ID” passcode from The Commons Club
To do so, email the GM of TCC at
Include your 1) full name 2) name of Brooks Community 3) Brooks mailing address
The “Club ID” will be emailed to you 

Step Two
- Register on the Pickleball Reservation system
Access through The Commons Club website at:
Click the “Pickleball” link at the top
Click “Court Reservations at the left
Click “Sign in or Register” at the top left
Fill out “New Registration”
A unique password will be emailed to you

Step Three
- Once you receive your "Password" sign in to make a court reservation
- To streamline making future reservations, bookmark the reservation website page

Need help?  Have questions? Please email Joseph Archazki
at or call (239) 949-3804