Beach Club

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With all that we offer at The Commons Club, there is nothing that provides more relaxation and entertainment than our private white-sandy beach. You can wake up early and search for shells along our shoreline. Join us mid-morning for a walk along the water's edge or relax in a cozy beach chair for an afternoon siesta.

The Commons Club Beach Club is a great compliment to your everyday lifestyle in Southwest Florida.  

In addition to our wonderful beach, the Club also hosts a shaded pavilion with gas and charcoal grills for personal cookouts, and we also have private bathrooms. 

If you prefer to travel by boat, five exclusive docks are located on the bay-side of our Beach Club.

Our memories of your Family at the Beach will linger on long after the footprints in the sand are gone Because there’s nothing more
beautiful than the way the gulf refuses to stop
kissing the shoreline no matter how many times
it’s sent away When our family is visiting, we LOVE taking them to the Beach Club. The staff does a wonderful job and truly makes everyone in my family feel like they are playing and living in paradise. My husband and I wish to express our appreciation for how well we are treated at The Commons Club. Of all of our exceptional places to visit, this is without a doubt – our favorite – especially the Beach Club. Thank you We joined because of the Beach Club – which we love. What we didn’t know is that we would also fall in love with Rookery dining, luxurious spa treatments, sunset concerts on the green and classes at the Enrichment Center. We love everything about this club! The Beach Club is my happy place. And I love being happy!