The Experience

Not long ago, neighborhoods were places where you knew everyone’s name and everyone knew yours. A visit to the Town Center was a social outing as well as a shopping trip. Major celebrations took place at the Town Center… community special events, picnics, and social activities. The Town Center helped create a sense of belonging and helped move life at a friendlier pace.

The Brooks is fortunate to have a 2,532 acre community which exemplifies this small town concept. Here, within The Commons Club at The Brooks in Estero, Florida, you will find the educational, recreational, and cultural amenities of the city wrapped in the warmth and convenience of a traditional small town village.

This is the heart of The Brooks community where activity and social events revolve around a lifestyle similar to a friendly small town setting. The Commons Club is situated in a park-like setting with walkways, a playground and an interactive fountain that lead towards the peace and privacy of the lake. All paths lead to The Rookery Restaurant, Health & Lifestyle Center, and the Enrichment Center.
Why Join Now?

Beach Club Memberships are limited to 1575 Families. Once we have reached this cap, access to all club amenities is only available via a new member waitlist.