FGCU Academy - Artemis: Return to the Moon by 2025

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10:00 am - 11:30 am


Artemis: Return to the Moon by 2025

NASA's Artemis Program plans a return to the moon and beyond before the end of 2025 and will include a woman in the crew who would become the first woman to walk on the moon. We discuss NASA's plans for the Artemis Program. NASA has issued a contract to SpaceX to develop the Human Landing System to be used on Artemis. The long-term plan is to build a base on the moon from which to launch explorations of other planetary bodies. The initial Artemis I un-crewed launch occurred in November 2022. Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work saving the astronauts of the Apollo 13 crew, Ed Grace shares with us an inside view of the Artemis program and how it differs from the Apollo Program. Speaker: Edward Grace

Wednesday, March 29th

10:00 am  – 11:30 am

$25 per person

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